List of Participants


Participants in the Atlantic Conference

Winston S.Churchill,Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Sir Alexander Cadogan,Permanent Under Secretary of Sate fro Foreign Affairs
General Sir John Dill,Chief of the Imperial General Staff
Admiral Sir Dudley Pound,Admiral of the Fleet,First Sea Lord,and Chief of the Naval Staff
Air Vice-Marshall Sir Wilfred Freeman,Vice Chief of the Air Staff
Professor F.E.Lindemann (Lord Cherwell),Adviser to the Prime Minister
Mr.J.M.Martin,Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister
Brigadier Vivian Dykes,Director of Plans,War Office
Captain B.B.Schofield,Director of Trade Division,Admiralty
Colonel L.C.Hollis,Military Asssistant,Secretary to War Cabinet,MInistry of Defence
Lieutenant Colonel E.I.C.Jacob,Military Assistant,Secretary to the War Cabinet,Ministry of Defense
Group Captain W.M.Yool,Staff Officer to the Chief Air Staff
Captain A.R.S.Nutting,Military Assistant to the C.I.G.S
Commander M.G.Goodenough,Plans Division,Admiralty
Paymaster-Captain L.A.decC.Ritchie,Mr.H.V.Morton,Mr.Howard Spring,Representatives of the Ministry of Information
Inspector W.M.Thompson,Personal bodyguard of the Prime Minister
Patrick Kinna,confidental secretary for Winston Churchill,1941-1945


Franklin D.Roosevelt,President of the United States
Harry Hopkins,Personal Adviser to the President
Sumner Welles,Under Secretary of State
Averell Harriman,Special Representative of the President and Lend-Lease "edpediter"in England
General George C.Marshall,Chief of Staff of the General Staff
Admiral Harold R.Stark,Chief of Naval Operations
General H.H.Arnold,Chief of the Army Air Corps
Vice-Admiral Ernest J.King,Commander in Chief,Atlantic Fleet
Major General James H Burns,Executive Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of War
Rear Admiral Richmond K.Turner,Director of War Plans,Department of the Navy
Commander Forrest Sherman,Offfice of Chier of Naval Operations
Lieutenant Colonel Charles W.Bundy,Assistant Director of the WAr Plans Division,War Department
Captain John R.Beardall,Naval Aide to the President
Captain Elliot Roosevelt,Junior Military Aide to the President
Lieutenant(j.g.)Franklin D.Roosevelt,Jr.,Junior Naval Aide to the President  
Mike Riely,Roosevelts body guard 




HMS Prince of Wales
HMS Prince of Wales brought Winston Churchill and British chiefs of staff to the Conference
HMS Oribi
HMS Oribi brought Winston Churchill and British chiefs of staff to the Hms Prince of WAles anchored at Scapa Flow England
HMS Harvester
HMS Havelock
HMS Hesperus...All three escorted Prince of Wales half way across the atlantic,until they lost her in an storm

HMS Ripley
HMS Restigouche
HMS Assiniboine...All three came to the Prince of Wales escort from Iceland two days later


USS Augusta
USS Augusta brought Frankin Roosevelt to the Atlantic Charter Conference
USS Tucaloosa
USS Tucaloosa is the sister ship of the USS Augusta escorted USS Augusta to Ship Harbour 
USS Arkansas
USS Arkansas escorted USS Augusta to the meeting
USS Madison
USS Madison escorted USS Augusta to the meeting
USS Moffett
USS Moffett escorted USS Augusta to the meeting
USS Winslow
USS Winslow escorted USS Augusta to the meeting
USS Mcdougal
USS Mcdougal escorted USS Augusta to the meeting
USS Sampson
USS Sampson escorted USS Augusta to the meeting
USS Potomac
USS Potomac brought Franklin Roosevelt out to the USS Augusta already at anchor in nantucket bay
USS Calypso
USS Calypso escorted USS Potomac out to the USS Augusta

USS Salinas
USS Belknap
USS Rhind
USS Mayrant
USS G.E.Badger
USS Jacamar
USS Chemango